Export Data to GDrive (Google Drive), RowStat Lite

RowStat Lite supports exporting collected data using attachments to Email messages. Other Apps support import/export of CSV format files. Android versions 2.2 and higher will display a list of Apps which support the import of CSV format files. Note, the destination application can vary from contact info to spreadsheet data, so users need to be knowledgeable, of the Apps, they are importing RowStat Lite CSV files into. 

Google Drive allows the import/upload from Android phones which support the Android  Google Drive App.  The Google Drive App is available FREE on the Google Play Store and a FREE Gmail account is required, on each computer you wish to transfer RowStat Lite files.

RowStat Lite formats the data collected in CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format,  The CSV can be easily imported into many popular and free software packages.

You must have a GMail (Free) or Google Premier (Annual Fee) account, on your Android cell phone. 
Select the Drive (GDrive) App and the Drive upload popup will appear. Select "OK" to upload your selected "rowstat.csv" file to your Google Drive on your Google Account.

Open a browser window to the Google Drive on your Google account. The rowstat.csv file you uploaded from your Android phone will appear as shown above, verify the time, to insure you have the correct file.The file may be opened as a document, see the sample below.

The next step is to convert the "rowstat.csv" file into a spreadsheet file.

Open a Google Spreadsheet, select import. Choose the file to import into a spreadsheet. Select the "Import action", "Replace spreadsheet", select the appropriate "Separator character", in this case either the default "Automatic" or "Comma" will work. Press the "blue Import" button and your new spreadsheet will be updated with the rowstat.csv data. A sample spreadsheet is shown.