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Settings, Sync Time, Date Format, Average Base - RowStat Lite

Settings Help

Press Synchronize Clock to Synchronize the RowStat clock with other coaches or officials timing clocks. The RowStat clock time is from the phone’s cell network provider and is generally very accurate. The Synchronize Time function is available in the case of an official determining the time, at the beginning of a race or regatta.


Press Change Date Format to choose a date format to use when displaying and recording (saving) dates. The default is set at MM-DD-YYYY.


Press Set Average Base to change the number of strokes used for computing the running average. The default is set at 3 strokes. This will change the default value on both Strokes and Air/Water ratio.

The setting popup allows you to change the time of day to match the "official" time that may be determined by the head official. 

The default is the generally used US format, others are provided for international users.

Sets the default for Strokes and Air/Water ratio.